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and also free stickers and cds from street anthem records.

6605 n. florida ave

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LUCKY 13 and FELON are here! killer baby tees and work shirts!

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6605 n. florida ave

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This Thursday, Pizza, Politics and Power will be going on from
at the MC Ballroom~ anyone who is interested in
attending or helping out just show up at anytime between those times! There will
be FREE Pizza and Steny Hoyer, Democratic Minority Leader, will
be speaking! Spread the word !


(no subject)


[x] need at least 35hrs/week (preferably 40)
[x] good pay
[x] location close to USF
[x] preferably not dealing with food


[x] only experience is lifeguard and mcdonalds
---> cash handling/customer service experience
[x] live off of bruce b downs
[x] 20 years old
[x] soon to be junior at USF
---> majoring in elementary education
[x] good with computers and excellent under pressure

Please let me know if you have an idea!!!
Thanks so much!! <3

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hey guys.
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DADDY ZERO halloween info and we have FETISH FACTORY tickets again!

hey, hows it going?

well, looks like were coming upon everyones favorite time of year...halloween!

DADDY ZERO is a great place to get your halloween costumes. we dont carry the traditional halloween costumes, but with the clothing and accessories we have here, you can dress anywhere from the 50s all the way up to cyber. punk, goth, vintage, retro, disco, you name it. every day is halloween for us. any why worry about going to a party dressed exactly like someone else with a cheesy costume you got from a place that
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