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Bring Dave Matthews Band to USF for FREE!!!!!!

See info below copied directly from the DMB website. If you can please include my code, 43TY44CE9L, so I can be eligible for cool prizes. Thanks to all! Let's get to work and bring them here!!!!!!!!!


DMB Announces Contest For Colleges With Winner Receiving Free DMB Concert On Campus


Dave Matthews Band and AT&T are excited to announce a contest for students on more than 100 college campuses with the winning school receiving a free, live concert featuring Dave Matthews Band!!

The contest will give fans of rock music and college football the opportunity to send creative invitations to DMB through AT&T wireless text and video messaging and online at the AT&T blue room. From September 1 to October 15, 2007 invitations may be submitted through wireless messages by texting “DMB” to 9-5-9. This option is only available to AT&T customers. All fans, regardless of service, may submit invitations online at or by mail. Invitations may include essays, photos, videos or sound clips. Fifty invitations can be submitted by each person, each day. The promotion is open to fans aged 18 and older. The most creative invites in each category will win a flight for two and VIP tickets to the concert. Dave Matthews Band will post a sampling of invitations on its MySpace page at as well as the Warehouse and DMB websites.

The school with the most invitations relative to the school’s enrollment will win a free, fully produced rock concert featuring Dave Matthews Band at the World’s Loudest Pep Rally during the week of November 12, 2007. The World’s Loudest Pep Rally is one of several college football programs for the upcoming 2007 season. For more information on these and other programs, go to
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