DADDY ZERO (rubberbaby) wrote in bullunderground,

DADDY ZERO for the most original, unique and fun christmas gifts youll find anywhere! free shipping

got your christmas shopping done yet?


yeah, i didnt think so.

dont forget DADDY ZERO, this holiday season, where we guarantee you the most unique, most fun christmas presents anywhere on the planet!

things like......
lunch lady, jesus, albino bowler, barista, einstein and crazy cat lady action figures
tattooed, leopard print and huge red devil duckies
b movie horror victims play set
the smoking baby
nunzilla wind up toy
nun and catholic school girl salt and pepper shakers
living dead dolls
lots of bettie page stuff
candles, incense, jewelry
gargoyles and tarot cards
shag and coop cd cases
cigarette cases, flasks, lighters
stickers, patches
dvd movies

we also carry clothing, shoes and purses by...
lucky 13, sourpuss, accoutrements, mobtown, demonia, pleaser
folter, angry young and poor, dragonfly, tripp, fred perry
lip service, rock steady, unkl
(and alot more)

and, cause were cool like that...
we STILL ship for FREE anywhere in the united states!

(not to mention you get a whole crapload of free stuff when you order online)

for your one and only, kick ass underground shop thats so cool you want to puke...

click here
6605 n. florida ave


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